Filmscreening The Story of Plastic

Filmscreening The Story of Plastic


Date(s) - 03/03/2021
20:00 - 22:00

Starting the year in good health should not only focus on our own personal and body health but also the health of our environment and planet. Over the past decades, plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues. Correcting the worldwide plastic problem requires us to rethink how plastics are made, used, and discarded. And this is what the documentary The Story of Plastic and our after talk shall help us to do.

About the film

The documentary The Story of Plastic gives insights into the history, causes and problems resulting from plastic pollution. It questions the solution of plastic recycling and helps us understanding how big industries successfully manipulated narratives around it in their very own interest. The film takes us on a journey around the globe that gives us the opportunity to meet a number of activists fighting against plastic pollution worldwide. The film is in English and will be made available with Dutch subtitles. 

You can watch the trailer of the film here >>

About the community screening

Upon registering for our community screening via you will receive a link from us to a the online meeting platform and a link to the film on vimeo. We will thus watch the film at the same time, everyone from his/her own couch, and afterwards (for those who like) discuss the movie and exchange our impressions of and thoughts on it.

For more information about the film see

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